Saturday, July 12, 2008


Do you Wii? I first played Wii back in February on vacation. We started playing bowling a lot out at Phil and Pat's house and for someone who does not play many video games, I don't do too bad. Most of what we play is just the basic wii sports. I suck at the baseball and tennis. Haven't tried the golf. Give me bowling and boxing. That's right, I said boxing. Among my circle of friends, I am the wii boxing champion. I even knocked out Danielle's husband, Josh. twice. in the first round.

We also tried another sports set. I hated the curling, but the motocross and snowboarding were really fun.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Christmas in July

We got a new fax machine at the library this week. It came with a BIG RED BOW on it. Seriously. I will post a picture later.

EDIT: here it is

They must be confused by what holiday it is.

Oh. Happy Independence Day! I have a 4 day weekend :) Slept in today, gonna catch some fireworks tonight, maybe a movie (I've heard Wall-E is good) on Saturday and catch up with family on Sunday. Who knows what else the weekend holds.