Saturday, October 25, 2008

A tale of sweatshirts and songs. Or how God can use anything!

I had to work today, and being a Saturday that started cold and damp added to the fact that I was the only staff person on duty, I chose to wear a sweatshirt. I am also wearing cute tan cords if you want all the details. Anyway, the sweatshirt in question is a big huge hoodie that has song lyrics printed on the front. Song lyrics that say the name Jesus. So what? you ask. I debated this morning whether to actually wear it or not. The old religion in the workplace drama. In the end, I decided that if I have to listen to endless liberal political crap, then why can't I wear my sweatshirt. And I am glad I did.

No, not because it was freezing this morning.

But because it started a conversation with a patron who sometimes can be annoying. She is a grad student who is working on her thesis (a musical score) and boy can she talk your ear off. I found out she goes to a Bible believing, Jesus saves kinda church and does not think Southern Baptists are a cult. But it gets better. My student worker came back to the circ desk and heard us talking about religion and joined in. Turns out he is a Christian but has been overwhelmed by how live out his faith in a semi hostile environment away from home. Plus the idea of being shunned by your peers for being a "goody-goody" and not knowing how to approach talking about Jesus with people in a culture where believing in God is looked down on. Don't think college campuses are like that? Have you seen the documentary Expelled? Go see it. Now. I am going to rent it sometime soon, maybe I will have a viewing party. But back to my story. They proceded to talk for almost an hour (40 mins of which were after his shift was over) about being a Christian on campus and she gave him some good resources including the location of the Campus Crusade building which I didn't even know we had.

I piped in now and again in the course of the conversation, however, I let her do most of the talking. Why? Because she is his peer and I am his boss. And she was doing a darn good job of it.
I have a new found appreciation for her and probably a bit more patience too. I will also be praying for my student. By the way, she at one point said "I'm not surprised" regarding finding out I am a Christian. Good to know I am giving off the right vibe so to speak.

"Bring me joy bring me peace, bring the chance to be free, bring me anything that brings you glory. Jesus bring the rain." That's what my sweatshirt says. Mercy Me rocks! But God reigns!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Wednesday was my birthday. I'm getting old. Am I too old to say I'm 29? It was a good day with greetings from facebook, emails, phone calls, cards and in person. I went to lunch with a co-worker (Qdoba, yum!) and on the way back, we passed a store that sells cupcakes. Cupcakes and ice cream. That's all. It required turning around in a busy neighborhood and parallel parking and knowing we would really be late getting back to work. But come on. It. was. my. birhtday. We conquered all the obstacles and I enjoyed a carrot cake cupcake with cream cheese frosting piled on higher than the cupcake itself. It was delicious. I had dinner with friends that night and still have a piece of coconut cream pie to eat that I was too full to consume.

Looking forward to Saturday night when I am going to my Uncle's house. My cousin Trevor and his wife Tiffany are coming in from Kansas to go to the colts game on Sunday so we are gonna have dinner when they get in. I hinted to my Dad that an ice cream cake from DQ would be a good addition to the evening, so he said he would see what he could do. Afterall, what are birthday's for if not for the sweets (and the excuse to eat them).

Oh and colds suck! Apparently that was my birthday present. Boo! A sore throat that has progressed to a cough and we are rapidly approaching the sneezing stage. As long as I can still swallow and my coughs remain just that, I will survive.