Monday, May 25, 2009

Alternate reality anyone?

Oh my, life is never dull is it? So many things to talk about and no access to my pictures to show you. I'm at Dad's house, hopefully for the last night for a while. I was home a few days last week then came back for the holiday weekend. Lets see, what has happened since I last posted?

I had plastic surgery on my back to fix that darn spot that was burned. They ended up doing a skin flap instead of a skin graft (Thank you Jesus! Can I get an Amen!) You still don't want to know exactly what a skin flap is, trust me, but if you really need to know cause you will lay awake all night pondering the concept, google is your friend. What!?! Just cause I am a librarian (the original search engine btw) doesn't mean I will do all the dirty work for you. Anyway, the spot is healing nicely and I go in on the 1st to have it checked again. But no more multiple times daily changing of bandages and NO MORE TAPE!

I rode along with my dad to Greencastle so he could get his hair cut and we made a quick stop along the way to see an old friend. That's right, Monster. I blogged awhile back that he had found my old truck at an auto body shop. Its still there. We talked about it at lunch today and Ryan is gonna call and see how much they would sell it for. He belongs back with us. My grandpa, uncle Tim, me, dad, and Ryan all drove that old truck at some point or another. I took pictures but I don't have the cord with me to get them off my phone but I will post them soon.

I went with friends to see the new Star Trek movie. I <3 Zachery Quinto. that is all. Who's up for a viewing on the Imax? Call me, I am so in.

I had a hair day with my sister Melissa and my niece Chloe. Us big girls got our hair cut and highlighted and Chloe just had hers cut. She backed off of going really short, but she did get some layers. She has her mom's hair and it is so deja vu-ish to see her with no more bangs. Spitting image her mama. Freaky. As for me, I went shorter than I have in awhile. Like above the ears short. But finally, the back flips up like it is supposed to. Thank you Erin, the way you cut it made all the difference. Oh, and I went with just blond highlights. I know, I know, getting all conservative and normal in my old age. I already regret skipping the red.

I plan on going back to work this week part time. I am going into the doctor's office tomorrow to get my paperwork in order so I can return to work Wednesday. It is going to be strange I think, and probably overwhelming. Last time I logged into my work email, I had 400ish messages. I also am not looking forward to my commute on 69. I did drive for the first time on Saturday. I went up to The Walmart for a few things, all by myself! I rewarded myself with a cherry limeade from the brand new Sonic drive in.

And last but not least, in more than a few ways, I feel like I have woken up in an alternate reality. I am sure I will shake it off as life returns more and more to normal. The biggest news is that my Dad and Ruth (Missy's mother in law, Ryan's mom) have decided they are no longer just hanging out with each other. They are dating. This is the first real "girlfriend" my dad has had since mom died 2 years ago. I think I am ok with it. Just trying to get used to the idea. I mean my parents were married 36 years, so this is a new concept. Now get the puffs out if you don't have any handy. Dad went in and talked to Papa and Grandma. He was telling them about dating Ruth and he said Grandma (who has Alzheimer's) had been chit chatting and such to herself most of the time, turned to him and looked him dead in the eyes. He said her eyes brightened from the normal cloudy pale blue, to a bright blue like Chloe's. She said "what do your kids think?" He said "I don't know, we are going to tell them tonight" and she responded "everything will be alright." Then her eyes faded back to pale. For just a few brief seconds, she was a mama again reassuring her son.

On a final note, so you don't walk away bawling, here is what 7 year old Chloe said when she was told Grandaddy and Mamaw Ruthie were dating.
"If you guys get married, mommy and daddy will be brother and sister!"

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Too cute

My nephew Caden turned 5 last Sunday. Last week I missed going out to dinner with the family to have lunch with some college friends, Stacy and Robin. I had a blast with them and we chatted for hours. I was midly amused to hear that Caden had picked out Olive Garden as his dining spot for his birthday. I figured they would have to fight to get him somewhere other than McDonalds, LOL

Fast forward to this Sunday, when we had an official birthday party for the kiddo. We went to this place in Greenwood called bounce something or other. They had all kinds of video/arcade games and inflatable slides and stuff which Caden, Chloe and the other kids enjoyed.

After they played awhile, we gathered in the back for pizza and presents. As we finished eating, Caden, at the head of the table, declares, "OK everybody be quiet, Jeremy stop talking, Daddy quit talking!" Its time to sing the song, its my birthday!" (picture little arms waving in the air trying to get our attention at the same time).

Too cute :)

Monday, May 04, 2009


That spot on my back just won't go away! When I had my hip surgery, I had some kind of reaction to the surgical tape they used on my back at the site of the spinal block. It blistered and burned pretty bad. We have been treating it and it has gotten smaller, but last week at my hip check up, the doctor referred us to a plastic surgeon because it really does need more help.


The PS looked at it and said the big spot in the center is dead skin. He said it was the same as if I had a third degree regular burn. (this one is considered a chemical burn)

I have two options. One, keep cleaning and treating it and eventually it will clear up. Over the course of 3-6 months! With the danger of infection, which is a huge no-no with the new hip. Option two is to go ahead and have the dead skin cut out and patched with a skin graft (from my leg). The PS is contacting my hip doctor to get his go ahead to do the surgery while I am still recovering from the hip surgery. It would be a go in, get it done, come home that night thing.

I don't want to do it, but I know it is better this way because of the risk of infection if we take our time treating it. If my new titanium hip gets an infection around it, it has to be removed and I have to be hipless for 6 weeks before they put a new one in and we start recovery all over. And, by hipless, I mean nothing goes in that spot. My thigh bone would not be connected to my hip bone, totally ruining the cute little rhyming song, which I am guessing would mean being flat on my back stuck in bed for 6 weeks.

If we get the go ahead from the hip doctor and the insurance, I will have it done May 13th.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Alive and well

Before I get to me, just wanted to report that my cousin Sheli had back surgery on Thursday and is doing well. Check out her blog, to read up on the miracles that have led up to her surgery.

I'm still hanging at Dad's house. This tuesday will be 4 weeks since my surgery. I think I am walking better and better. But, I have discovered that I need to be careful not to overdo it or underdo it. If I walk too much, I will pay for it later and if I walk too little, the same thing happens.

I am now able to lift my leg in and out of bed and in and out of the car by myself.

I made myself a sandwich and chips last night for dinner and have started to be able to do a few little things here and there. Problem is, I can't really carry anything because of the walker. Hence, Papa had to carry my sandwich to my chair for me :)

I can sort and fold laundry, just can't get it to and from the laundry room or in and out the washer and dryer.

The surgeon said I was walking good and progressing good on Thursday, but he is sending me to a plastic surgeon for my back. It is still pretty messed up. The skin is tight and stings when I shift positions and especially when I first sit up in the morning. In fact, I usually take a pain pill when I get up and one a few hours before bed, only because of my back. I don't think I need them for my hip much at all :) I go on Monday to see what they can do for me.

Looking forward to lunch out with Robin and Stacy after church tomorrow.

That's all I got right now :)