Sunday, May 10, 2009

Too cute

My nephew Caden turned 5 last Sunday. Last week I missed going out to dinner with the family to have lunch with some college friends, Stacy and Robin. I had a blast with them and we chatted for hours. I was midly amused to hear that Caden had picked out Olive Garden as his dining spot for his birthday. I figured they would have to fight to get him somewhere other than McDonalds, LOL

Fast forward to this Sunday, when we had an official birthday party for the kiddo. We went to this place in Greenwood called bounce something or other. They had all kinds of video/arcade games and inflatable slides and stuff which Caden, Chloe and the other kids enjoyed.

After they played awhile, we gathered in the back for pizza and presents. As we finished eating, Caden, at the head of the table, declares, "OK everybody be quiet, Jeremy stop talking, Daddy quit talking!" Its time to sing the song, its my birthday!" (picture little arms waving in the air trying to get our attention at the same time).

Too cute :)


.Keli. said...

LOLOL!!! He's so cute! It's HIS day dang it!!

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Mishel said...

He has quite the personality. Through your very descriptive writing, I can picture the moment!

As usual, great post!