Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hi, It's been awhile...

Hi, Remember me?  I'm still not 100% health wise, but I am back on track and the end is in sight.  I mean that literally.  I can almost see correctly again.  Just a little double/blurriness when I look far off.  In fact, right now I am not wearing the prism and can see my computer screen just fine.  So here's the rundown...

The Bad...

not happy with the drug pushing doctor who won't take time to explain ANYTHING!  Seriously, I asked him if the high level of antibodies in my blood could indicate a disease other than the one he thinks I have and he just looks at me and says very smugly, well the type of antibodies you have are not present in healthy people.  you are very sick, but don't worry, we are gonna get this fixed.  EXCUSE ME WHAT???  Did that answer my question at all?  I wanted to smack him.  Don't worry, I do have an appointment for a second opinion, unfortunately not till June. 

I have gained way too much weight because of the meds making me ravenously hungry all the time.  Plus they make me tired and I am afraid to exhert myself by doing actual exercise, seeing that normal activity makes my heart feel like it is going to jump out of my chest. (Don't worry, its the drugs, I check my heart rate and pulse on a regular basis)

I'm running out clothes I can comfortably wear.  

The Good...

I big puffy heart with glitter love love love my opthomologist Dr, Yang!  She LISTENED to me.  She cared about my medical history and my similariteis with my mom.  She correctly diagnosed what happened to my eye.  She knows my mother's longtime neuro-opthomologist, Dr. Purvin.  She studied under Dr. P and told me we would watch out for signs of psuedo tumor and that if she couldn't fix me, she would send me to Dr. P.  I also heart Dr. Shah, the neurosurgeon who consulted for the intial skull problem they saw on the MRI.  He agrees with Dr. Yang's diagnosis on my eye and told me what to watch out for if the skull deformity becomes a real problem. 

I went shopping a couple of times at Kohl's (see above clothing complaint) and now have three cute new shirts, two pairs of capris, 1 pair of jeans and two pairs of sandals.  All the clothes came from the petitie department.  Pants are easy for me to find in the petite section, but shirts that fit right are rare, so it was a big score to find them.  Plus, between sales, kohl's cash, and discount coupons I only spent about $85 for all of the above.  My last trip was the most profitable, I got two shirts and a pair of capris for less than the original price of just one of the shirts!!

The contracts were up on the cell phones and I got an iPhone.  love it.   still playing with it.  need ideas/ recommendations for apps you can't live without.

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