Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Annual Infamous White Elephant Christmas Party, ala Redeemer

Last Saturday night was the annual adult Christmas party at my church. Or as it is better known, the white elephant gift exchange where the outside of the present is the best part. Not kidding. Not kidding at all. Seriously, the whole goal is to get a gift bag you can re-use and if you are lucky, a pretty ornament. And there really is a white elephant. Its a little ceramic thingy, about 6 inches tall. If you get it, you have to remember to stick it in your present for the next year. Good thing I have never gotten it or it would be lost forever.

Here are some scenes from the big event. First we all bring a "covered dish." Which means there are like 5 sides dishes and a gazillion desserts. We are Baptist. Enough said. This is a piece of the cake I had. It had crushed peppermint on top. That sold me right there, I didn't even care about the actual cake.

Then, after everyone is so stuffed we cannot move, we toddle around to the middle and make a big circle. This year they had one of the kids (at their own party down the hall) pick a number then someone else had all of us number off. The number the kid picked was the person who got to go first. It was me! I am usually on the end of things, so I was excited to go first. I picked a nice bag with a jingle bell snowman ornament on it. The next person in the circle could either steal my gift (unopened, we wait till the end for that part, all the fighting is based on the outside only) or take a new one from the pile. If your gift is stolen from you, you can steal it from someone else when your turn comes around again. But not from the one who took it from you. If you "get" a gift three times, its yours to keep and no one can steal it. Otherwise, we would be there all night.

We had some pretty good laughs all around and a lot of good natured teasing and present stealing. Then we went around and opened the presents, with each person fessing up to what they had brought right before it is opened. You get a brief few seconds to think, "whew, this is safe to open" or "dang, I better take cover." Let me just say that one of the rules for this party stipulates no live animals. You know about rules right? They exist because somebody tried it. And if didn't work out so well. Anyway. Lets see, there were a few old knick knacks, a couple of wallets, some candles, a set of 4 hubcaps, a sewing machine, oh and a riding lawn mower. A real one. That works. The giver was nice and just wrapped up the keys with a picture that said it looks like this, only not as nice.

Here are some of my friends from the party.

Josh and Danielle. I got Josh's present. The snowman ornament on the outside is cute. I have to admit the present inside was pretty clever. I will take a picture of it and post it. You have to see it to believe it.

My roomie, Louie, and Amy and Isaac

Our new friends, Greg and Melody. Greg played his guitar softly during most of the gift exchange. It was cool.

And this is Courtney with her dad, Curt. I asked her if they planned it. She rolled her eyes as any 17 year old would and he admitted he saw what she was wearing and chose his shirt accordingly. Poor Courtney.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Today was my Mom's Birthday. I miss her.

Mama and me

Mama and Chloe

And with Caden

Monday, December 08, 2008

A Belated Thanksgiving Post

I celebrated Thanksgiving this year at my sister's house. My contribution to the party was an apple pie. I think it tasted pretty darn good.

And it looked pretty too! Here's a close up of the leaves I made on top. Am I clever or what?

Ok so I totally stole the idea of making the little vein marks from some holiday show on the food network.
At one point, we were all hanging in the kitchen and my Dad pulled out his cell phone and asked Chloe if she had seen the picture on it yet. I am guessing she has seen it many times, cause this was her face

If this were video, you would see some outrageous eyeroll action. On Friday, Dad was telling me he pulled his phone out of his pocket and she didn't let him ask, she just looked at him and said "don't even"with all the exasperation a seven year old can muster.
And just because, here's my little sis and her clone

It's all seriousness around our house

The nephew was being camera shy for some reason but I managed to snatched this one

That is all. I ate too much, had a good weekend all around and oh, I can't believe I almost forgot! On Saturday I got a last minute invite to go with Missy Ryan and the kiddos to go see the Lion King. Yay Me! It was a good show that I recommend highly if you ever get a chance to see it on stage. The best part was seeing the kids' facees when the animals came marching in. And Caden singing Hakuna Matada during the intermission.