Thursday, December 08, 2011

A Favorite Childhood Memory

A favorite childhood memory?    So the other day at work, we were all asked to contribute to a memory book for one of our colleagues who is preparing to have her first child. They asked us share a favorite childhood memory.  This is what I came up with...

Oh my, the stories I could tell.  I don’t know how I could even begin to choose. I suppose I will start with a funny one.  As a young child, maybe 3 or so, I spent a week with my grandparents who lived several hours away in western Kansas.  One night, we went out to dinner at a local pizza hut.  They got a pizza with lots of toppings, probably a supreme, which I didn’t like.  I’m told that I picked most of the toppings off and at the end of the meal I surveyed the table, dramatically wiped my hands cleaned and proclaimed loudly “look Grandpa, I maked a mess!” This ranks as a favorite memory because it tickled my Grandpa enough that he told that story over and over.  As the oldest grandchild, my statement was used to describe messes made by all the children in the family since.  You never know which moments will become “legendary” among family, enjoy them all and tell stories often.

Another favorite memory I have concerns my little sister.  My parents adopted her when I was 5 years old.   It was August and I remember being really excited.  My parents left me with family friends while they went to pick her up.  I have clear memories of sitting on the couch at their house and getting to hold her the very first time.  She was three months old. My Mom and Dad let me pick out her name.  This was partly to ease the transition to “big sister” from “only child” however; I think it was also to distract me from the fact that they gave away our two dogs, Peanut (a Chihuahua) and Susie (a toy poodle). To be fair to my parents, the dogs were both a little high strung to have around a new baby but that didn’t stop me from teasing my sister that we traded in the dogs for her and I still wasn’t sure if it was a good deal or not. I have learned blood doesn’t make a family, love does. 

The last favorite memory concerns a book.  It was my favorite storybook as a child, one that was read over and over.  It was one of those “Little Golden Books” called The Monster at the End of this Book and it featured Grover from Sesame Street.  I remember my Mother reading the book to me complete with dramatic voices as Grover pleaded and pleaded with the reader to stop turning the pages because of the Monster waiting on the last page.  There were no profound truths or lofty nuggets of wisdom to be found in this book.  Unless you count the idea that maybe what you are scared of sometimes is not really so scary after all. Oh, wait.   I also remember reading this book to my little sister, imitating the voices my mother used when she read it to me.  Years later, I had the privilege of reading the same story to both my niece and nephew.   I guess maybe trading the dogs in for a kid sister didn’t turn out so bad.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Grandma's Pearls

Wearing my Grandma's pearls to church this morning. Cause really, why not? Who says I have to save them for special occasions? Of course, isn't every time we worship God kinda a special occasion? It is spending time with the creator of the universe and all.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Saturday Night Randomness

I put in a lot of hours on the road every week. Which means lots of time to observe other drivers. One thing (among many) that bugs me is tailgaters on the highway. Today a car just couldn't wait to get past me in the fast lane, so I got over to the right. Instead of passing me, he moves up and paces himself right next to me. Drives me insane! I ended up tapping my breaks to let him get past me and of course he gets in my lane and proceeds to slow down. //end rant

Ah well, at least it was a nice sunny day and I followed my rule of not engaging the stupid. Think of the Internet rule "don't feed the trolls." Same principle.

I'm trying to write more these days. Not just in my sorely neglected blog, but in other venues. One of my dreams is to someday write a novel. There won't ever be a novel if I don't start writing something.

I'm going to be 40 in three weeks. How the heck did that happen?

If only gas were cheaper. I would put into practice the line of a county tune I heard today. It's the perfect time of year to "put a little gravel in my travel" and take a drive through some backcountry. Sounds so good to me right now.

I ate cereal for dinner. This is what happens when you don't get home from work until 9pm.

There's a new season of tv starting next week. NCIS, Castle and Chuck are just a few I'm looking forward to.

Did I mention I'm almost 40? One good thing about a birthday in the fall? Red Lobster's endless shrimp. So who's taking me?

Yup. Randomness.

Goodnight everybody.

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Monday, April 18, 2011

There's a Magnolia Tree in the front yard

I had fun today taking pictures with my iPhone of the Magnolia tree in the front yard. It was nice outside today but the forecast for Tuesday is storms and high winds. Pat suggested getting some pictures before all the blossoms get blown away. Its a nice full tree and most of the blossoms are still intact.

I have also discovered Instagram as a pretty nifty iPhone app for editing and uploading photos. I like the shading on this one.

I circled the tree snapping lots of photos. This one I took with my back
to the road standing under the tree

That's a lot of flowers! I hope the storms don't blow them all the way.

Monday, March 21, 2011

I have no explanation

Today was the second day of spring. It was a little overcast, but warm. Low 70's I think. I took advantage. A few months ago, we split up and packed up some of my mom's stuff. At the time, my storage unit was inaccessible so I left my boxes in dad's garage. Over the weekend I picked up most of the boxes and today I took them to the unit.

After I unloaded the car, I cleaned and sorted some stuff in my trunk. I have a lot of CDs. As I sorted them, I came across some I hadn't listened to in years. I ended up reloading my cd player. It holds six discs in the trunk. None of these are in my iTunes library. That must change. I left in the new cd I got a couple weeks ago by Group 1 Crew and added two dc Talk CDs, I daughtry cd and two Dixie Chicks CDs.

I. Have. No. Explanation.

But with the warm spring day, just driving home with the windows down and the music loud was not enough. If gas prices weren't so high, I might have just kept going. Maybe tomorrow.

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Monday, March 07, 2011

How is it possible?

March? Really? This year is flying by. I have plans for a vacation to make. I have things to organize and move into my storage unit. I need to get my car to a mechanic. There's no way it is really March right?

So I guess I need to get started. I am a procrastinator at heart. I take forever to make up my mind. I weight the pros and cons for so long, they become useless. One thing I wanted to do was write more. You can see the length of time between this post and the previous one to know that is so true. I have recently re-discovered the world of fanfiction. What is that you ask? Its exactly what it sounds like. It is fictional accounts written by fans of established books, movies, tv shows etc.. People pick up on a character or event and run with it. It could be a simple "one shot" short story that the writer thinks should happen or a complete story arc with multiple chapters. Many times, fanfiction is the writer's dream of what "really" should have happened, especially when they dislike the way the original story plays out. They can create the happy ending in their own fictional universe. Most stories have an explanation up front describing when and where the story fits into the time-line of the original. Others are noted as AU (Alternate Universe) or non-canonical.

Most sites have categories of stories as well as ratings. This is the internet after all and people can post all sorts of junk. My advice is to narrow any search you do by limiting ratings and if I were you, I would stay far far away from slash. (you'll have to take my word for it or go google it) Trust me, we are talking brain scrubbing here people.

Some fanfiction is really good. Good writing, actual plots, believable. The rest is a combination of terrible writing, trashy plots, and just plain not plausible. And all of it at times can be extremely funny. For example, yesterday I stumbled across a short 6 chapter story that was based on the tv show Criminal Minds. The premise was what if all the characters were on facebook. It. Was. Hilarious! One of the funniest things I have read in a long time. I was in tears from laughing so hard. The author was dead on with the attitudes of each character, though it wasn't completely based on "canon." Maybe I will take a shot at writing some fanfiction myself. Though if I post it online, I don't know that I will publicly acknowledge it here. :)

So if it is March, that means Spring is around the corner. And not soon enough! I really want to get outside and walk. I am so over wearing a coat all the time. I need sunshine and green grass. I need warmth. I need longer days. Who's with me?

One last random note, I have been wanting cupcakes forever and I finally went on Saturday to the Flying Cupcake, in the rain no less, and grabbed a couple to take home and share. They were all good.

The cupcake box complete with raindrops. The sacrifices I make people!

And here we are. Red Velvet Elvis, Pucker Up, Salted Chocolate Caramel, and The Bart Simpson (butterfinger, get it?)

Yum! We cut each in fourths and so we could all have a bite or two of each one.

Monday, January 17, 2011

HAPPY NEW YEAR! or is it too late for that?

My laptop currently has a love hate relationship with the Internet right now. I find myself writing posts in my head and then not able to get them online so I'm trying to make use of my phone to email a post.

I enjoyed the holidays and was blessed to be able to see friends and family, even got to go to my first Colts game.

It's that time of year again. You know, the part where you are sick of the snow and cold weather? That's me right now. I wouldn't mind it at all if I was hanging out in some remote mountain cabin with a fireplace, a hot tub and a fully stocked pantry with nowhere to go. Or a chauffeur. It's the driving in the snow and ice that I really don't like. I would never make it if I lived any further north.

Today marks one year ago that my eye froze on me. Happily, it is all better now but I'm still dealing with the weight gain caused by the meds I was prescribed. I have been trying to get motivated to get some exercise, but I think I have been secretly afraid that if I overdid it, my eye would mess up again. Yes I know that makes no sense, but I remember walking on the treadmill around the same time and feeling really bad afterwards. I don't know if it was before or after the eye thing happened, but in my mind, they are associated. I need to move past that and get active or I'm going to have more health issues to deal with.

I'm not a big resolution maker but think this year I want to challenge myself. I want this to be a year of moving forward, taking risks and making changes. So we'll see how that goes.

Speaking of changes, I'm new to this o e space after a period thing instead of two. It's hard to stop doing it when that's how you've always done it. Anyone else having trouble with this?

That's all I got for the moment...

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