Saturday, June 28, 2008

Robin Hood on BBC America

I love this show, cheesy and so not historically accurate as it can be at times. Think Hercules or Xena, only better. Robin Hood is my new saturday night passion. We have to watch it at Phil and Pat's house because we don't get BBC America at home. They have a dvr, so we usually wait a bit before we watch it so we can rewind and watch minus the commercials. even. better.

Here's a trailer for the show from you tube

Robin, being the good guy he, is pretty cute

Sir Guy of Gisborne may be a villian, but he sure looks good!

Now you know why I really watch, eye candy ;)

Ryan's photo exhibit

My brother in law is serving in Iraq right now but last year when he won the county fair photo contest, they made arrangements for him to have an exhibit at the public library this year. My sister was contacted about it while back and was able to set it up for him. She was interviewed this week for the local paper about the whole thing
Got her picture in the paper and everything :)

See the story here

Monday, June 23, 2008

Three Day Weekend

The library was closed on Saturday so I have had a relaxing three day weekend. Next weekend I only get one day off, but I will only have a four day work week because of Independence Day so it all balances out. Saturday I got some laundry done and I will finish it today. I lounged around in PJs until 3pm, then got ready and went to the mall. I met up with Amy and Isaac and we went to see Get Smart. It was pretty funny. A few times I laughed so hard that I couldn't breath. Louie got home from the church mission trip and I met up with her and we went out the Phil and Pat's house for dinner and Robin Hood, followed by Wii bowling. Sunday afternoon was a lazy day of more Wii, naps and church. Gonna go finish the laundry now, clean my room and play with dog.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

So what have I been up to in the last year or so?

In May of 2007, I graduated from IUPUI with a Master's Degree in Library Science. Yes, I am a real live librarian! I still work at Butler University, but I am actively searching for a new job. Gas prices are killing me! I would like to stay in Indiana, but time will tell if that is going to work out or not.

I have spent a lot of time with friends and family. I learned to bowl Wii style, my highest score is 200 and I am 80 points from pro status, meaning I get pretty stars on my bowling ball. I have seen three friends get married and was a bridesmaid in one of the weddings.

I went on two vacations this year, both spontaneous to some extent. In February, I went with Louie, my housemate, to French Lick, Indiana and stayed in a villa with some friends from church. It was a nice relaxing time that ended all too soon. I March, I went with my sister and her kids to Savannah/Tybee Island, Georgia to spend a few days with her husband before he shipped out to serve with the 76th Brigade. We had a blast hanging at the beach and going on a dolphin cruise.

More recently, I got really sick. Sicker than I can ever remember being. I lost my voice, had no strength, and lost 17 pounds. I was out of it for almost three weeks. I am finally feeling normal again. Today I am home, celebrating a rare Saturday off of work. I am watching the food network and getting hungry. Time for lunch!

Has it really been that long?

Has it really been a year and half since I have posted anything? Its been a crazy year and a half that's for sure. Lots of changes, some good, some bad. I plan to try to post more and to keep up better with what is going on around me. I think I am coming out of a fog so to speak. Time to get moving!