Monday, December 08, 2008

A Belated Thanksgiving Post

I celebrated Thanksgiving this year at my sister's house. My contribution to the party was an apple pie. I think it tasted pretty darn good.

And it looked pretty too! Here's a close up of the leaves I made on top. Am I clever or what?

Ok so I totally stole the idea of making the little vein marks from some holiday show on the food network.
At one point, we were all hanging in the kitchen and my Dad pulled out his cell phone and asked Chloe if she had seen the picture on it yet. I am guessing she has seen it many times, cause this was her face

If this were video, you would see some outrageous eyeroll action. On Friday, Dad was telling me he pulled his phone out of his pocket and she didn't let him ask, she just looked at him and said "don't even"with all the exasperation a seven year old can muster.
And just because, here's my little sis and her clone

It's all seriousness around our house

The nephew was being camera shy for some reason but I managed to snatched this one

That is all. I ate too much, had a good weekend all around and oh, I can't believe I almost forgot! On Saturday I got a last minute invite to go with Missy Ryan and the kiddos to go see the Lion King. Yay Me! It was a good show that I recommend highly if you ever get a chance to see it on stage. The best part was seeing the kids' facees when the animals came marching in. And Caden singing Hakuna Matada during the intermission.

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Keli said...

Good job Suzie H. on the pie! And I roll my eyes too when that cell phone comes out! haha!!! Great pictures and glad you had fun at the Lion King! xo