Monday, May 04, 2009


That spot on my back just won't go away! When I had my hip surgery, I had some kind of reaction to the surgical tape they used on my back at the site of the spinal block. It blistered and burned pretty bad. We have been treating it and it has gotten smaller, but last week at my hip check up, the doctor referred us to a plastic surgeon because it really does need more help.


The PS looked at it and said the big spot in the center is dead skin. He said it was the same as if I had a third degree regular burn. (this one is considered a chemical burn)

I have two options. One, keep cleaning and treating it and eventually it will clear up. Over the course of 3-6 months! With the danger of infection, which is a huge no-no with the new hip. Option two is to go ahead and have the dead skin cut out and patched with a skin graft (from my leg). The PS is contacting my hip doctor to get his go ahead to do the surgery while I am still recovering from the hip surgery. It would be a go in, get it done, come home that night thing.

I don't want to do it, but I know it is better this way because of the risk of infection if we take our time treating it. If my new titanium hip gets an infection around it, it has to be removed and I have to be hipless for 6 weeks before they put a new one in and we start recovery all over. And, by hipless, I mean nothing goes in that spot. My thigh bone would not be connected to my hip bone, totally ruining the cute little rhyming song, which I am guessing would mean being flat on my back stuck in bed for 6 weeks.

If we get the go ahead from the hip doctor and the insurance, I will have it done May 13th.


Marchelle said...

geez louise laina lou!
(haha - that made me LOL!)
well, hopefully they can get you in and get it all fixed up right!

.Keli. said...

NASTAY! I can't hardly read stuff like this let alone live it! I'm glad everything worked out ok!