Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The countdown has begun...

Its all going down one week from today! I have two days of work left with a million things to do in those two days. Then I have four days at home to get things ready here for when I eventually come back. Things like leaving my bed with clean sheets on it, getting all the laundry done, moving anything up high down lower and things down low up higher. All so I don't have to stretch up or down. Figuring out what chair I can sit in. Making sure all the bills for at least the next two to three weeks are already taken care of.

I also have more fun things to do, like getting a pedicure, sans polish, and downloading some music onto my phone/mp3 player. I can't decide if I am taking my laptop or not since I won't be able to connect to the internet unless I use my Dad's connector thing. I may just load what I want onto my flash drive and use his computer. Thank God for twitter and facebook, I almost don't need bookmarks with those two things. Anyway, why am I still sitting here, I need to get going. Still have things to do today.

Oh and I apologize in advance. I have short hair and I will be forbidden from showering for 14 days. My hair does not like to be "wet down" and restyled. It must be washed first then styled. I will be at the mercy of my sister/aunt/etc... for the shape of my hair. If any pictures happen to be posted by my so called "friends" on facebook etc.. I apologize now for looking like a freak. Not only do I get "bed head" from sleeping, I also get it from leaning my head back on a couch or chair. So, its pretty. much. hope. less. that I will be having a good hair day at the same time I have visitors. My apologies.

And why no shower you ask? Cause I am getting one of these.

It has been a long time coming, but April 7th is the dawn of a new day. Still not happy with the idea of all the needles and hoses and tubes . I will be more than happy for the physical therapy peeps to get there and make me walk. The sooner I can walk across the room, the sooner I can use a real toilet. I'm just sayin'. Amen.

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