Thursday, April 23, 2009

True Love

This is the fireplace mantle behind the chair I have been sitting in during my recuperation at my Dad's house. I can hear the clock ticking most of the time and it still chimes out the hours. It belonged to one of my Dad's grandparents. I don't remember which one right now. Anyway, it is the kind you have to wind up every so often. A few years ago, it was broken and Dad found a place that could fix it. Cause, lets face it, it is so easy to throw broken things away and just get a new one. But this old clock wasn't just any old thing. It was a family heirloom. And it was worth saving. Now turn your attention to the other side of the picture. See that nice young couple. Papa himself said, "what a pair of greenhorns they were." It was taken in 1942.

Flash forward 67 years. That young pair of kids is still together. Papa (Dad, Poppy G, Ray, R3, Chef Ramone etc.) and Grandma (Mom, GG, Granny, Dorothy Mae etc.) are a rare find. When the going got tough, they got tougher. Is that a word? And look at Grandma's necklace. Papa got it for her for their anniversary. It is one of those where you hold it up to something and you can read the Lord's prayer in the center of it. She has good days and bad days. Tonight they sat together on the couch holding hands. She kept whispering "I love you dear" to him. And yes, eventually he realized she was talking, and she said it loud enough for him to hear.

Some things are worth taking the time to fix. Sometimes they just need a little winding now and then. Don't be so quick to throw things away.
Unless it is icky trash or you are a pack rat ;)


Marchelle said...

Thanks for making me cry Laina!!

Seriously, we are a very blessed family to witness a love like their's. I am so happy to call them my grandparents!

Thank you for this sweet post, and glad you're doing better! =)

Mishel said...

Finally catching up on your blog. 1st thanks for your prayers and mentioning me with all you are going through!!! You're amazing! Secondly, WOW what a post about grandma & papa! I was trying to read it outloud to Brian & had to stop many times for the lump in my throat to go away! It's a good thing I have an endless supply of Puffs (w/lotion of course)! Laina, thank you for honoring the BEST grandparents in the world!!!

.Keli. said...

What a truly awesome post! I love them. They are truly the example of TRUE LOVE!!! My eyes are wet...I need a tissue....

Hope515 said...

Oh, I finally remembered who the clock belonged to. It was Grandma's grandfather's ordered straight out of the sears and roebuck catalog.