Saturday, January 09, 2010


While I really do not like the snow we have been dealing with lately, I have to admit that it has been quite pretty.  Its so cold, that it is not melting.  The result is it looks like God took out a big shaker jar of glitter and went crazy!

I would love to have a fireplace.  I would then waste hours staring at it.

I am very proud of my Cinnamon puppy!  Ok so she is not really a puppy, she is somewhere around 7 yrs. old. and probably weighs around 75 lbs  She is living with my sister and brother law right now and they got her out on Thursday when the kids had a snow day and they all played in the snow.  She didn't jump on the kids and even pulled them on the tobaggon. 

Between being sick, then the holidays, then being on prednisone, I have gained weight.  It is not good.  I need to shape up literally.   I need to cut back on the amount I am eating as well as what I am eating.  I also need to get some exercise.  The treadmilll has been cleaned off and I have no excuse to not try. 

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