Friday, March 08, 2013


There are yellow tulips on my desk.  Spring is just beginning. I hears a meteorologist say at the beginning of the month that even though the first day of spring is not till late in the month, by the weather they consider winter to be Dec-Feb so March 1 is the beginning of spring weather speaking.  

Um, someone should tell that to the weather then.  We have had below average temps and them had a decent snowfall on the 5th-6th.  Most of that is already melting away and should be gone quickly because this weekend we should be closer to the average temps and hit the 50s!  This makes me happy :)

I suppose I should not complain too much, last year we had an early warm up and hardly any snow at all and this year we were back to our normal snow amount which is good for the crops and lawns and all that grows.  While last year the weather was spectacular for the Super Bowl (Indy should host every year if you ask me, we know how to do it right), the early warm up robbed us of a true spring and lots of things bloomed too early or didn't grow right because we also went into a drought situation.  I am hoping this year will be much better.  

I'm also looking forward to spring because of changes I hope to make.  Its the whole new beginnings thing that is inspiring me I think.  I moved to my sister's house last summer and settled in pretty quickly but not completely. Oh, I have a routine and my bedroom is organized and lots of my belongings were sorted, purged or stored.  But, I have an entire second room next to bedroom to use as a living room that is just sitting there waiting.  I have an entire corner of books that need shelves (imagine that, me with lots of books haha) and another corner has my entertainment center and one bookcase with knick knacks, pictures and other useful things on it.  The rest of the room is empty though.  I have a couch, chair, TV and various other items to fill it up that are sitting at my Dad's in storage.  He got new furniture and offered me his old stuff (not that old, but sentimental to me since it is what my Mom picked out) After I moved, we still had sorting to do to make room for it and then it was winter and nasty out and now?  Well, its spring.  And there is room.  So I am hoping that sooner rather than later I can get the rest of my things and truly get settled.  

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