Monday, October 16, 2006

Picking a Site

Doing some basic searching on the internet led to the United States Parachuting Assocition which can be found here

The USPA has a list of member sites, known as Drop Zones, by state. Can you find this list on their website?

There are six drop zones in Indiana. We explored the information provided by the USPA and visited the websites of some of the individual drop zones. One of the sites had been recommended to Amy by someone who had jumped from there and since it was listed as a certified site by the USPA, it was decided that Skydive Greensburg was the way to go.

Is there a Drop Zone near where you live?

Now we have an idea of ...
what we are going to do Skydiving
when we are going The second or fourth weekend of September
and where Skydive Greensburg

What do you think we need to decide next? Post your ideas in the comments section

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