Monday, October 16, 2006

What Jump to Make

Frorm the USPA, we learned that there are three ways you can make your first skydive: tandem, solo freefall and instant opening.

A tandem jump is one in which you are strapped to a certified instructor who controls the parachute.
A solo freefall is a jump in which you have your own parachute and jump alongside two instructors who guide you through the freefall process.
Instant opening is a solo jump with no freefall at a lower altitude with your chute opening as soon as you jump.
You can learn more about these jumps here

The most popular way for first timers is a tandem jump which also requires the least amount of training and is the cheapest method. It didn't take much deliberation for this group of skydivers to decide on a tandem jump.

Our final step was to call and make a reservation. Saturday Sept. 30th was the final date agreed upon and an afternoon reservation was made.

If you were going skydiving, which type of jump would you like to make and why? Post your answer in the comments section

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