Monday, October 16, 2006

What's Next?

The sun finally came out and my friends were able to skydive. They all had a great time and joked about being ready to go do it again. It was a great way to mark a milestone birthday and we learned about a whole new "culture" I joked to someone that the instructors all seemed to have a "surfer" vibe about them. What was really interesting to find out was that many of the tandem instructors started out doing a jump just for fun and "caught the bug." Many of them just do this on weekends because it gives them experience jumping and saves them money.

Amy and Christina were also given the option of have their jumps recorded on video which they decided to do. The videographer actually jumps with the student and instructor and catches the freefall portion. Brief interviews are edited into a short film of your day skydiving. Here is Christina's video

Now it is your turn. Who is going to take the next adventure? Are you ready to try sking and need some tips on where to go and what to take with you? Maybe you are heading out on vacation and want to try parasailing. Post your plans here and make sure you give us a report when you come back!

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