Saturday, August 09, 2008

I has a sad :(

Friday was the last day of work for Angela, the best student worker we have ever had at the library. She is hilarious. Mary and I always look forward to hearing her adventures from over the weekend and the latest drama in her life. She technically graduted in May and continued to work for us this summer, while finishing up a summer class that she needed to make everyhting official. But Friday was the last day she could work. She is looking for a real job while contemplating a move to San Diego.

She will be missed! She was a hard worker, always looking for something to do and willing to do whatever crazy thing we threw her way, She picked up extra shifts during breaks and subbed for people all the time. We always half listen when the students answer questions just in case we need to interject and with Angela, most of the time we think, "wow, that was a good answer!"

She has promised to stop in and keep us updated on how things are going, She is a pretty determined gal, so I have no doubt she will do ok. Afterall, she navigates the city bus system with ease which I could never do.

Here she is getting ready to go shelve books for the last time.

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