Saturday, November 08, 2008

The boys

Here are my boys Max and Sadie
They love to snuggle and sleep cuddled up like that.

Max is about a year younger than Sadie

This was taken by Louie's sister who we got Max from. Isn't he adorable? Yeah, he grew up. Kidding, he is still adorable, which keeps him alive since he is also a brat. He loves to knock stuff off cabinets, stick his paw in drinks and then freak out when it gets wet, and scoop his food out of his bowl with his paw to eat.

This is Sadie. Yes I know it is a girls name. His name was Darla when he was picked out at the shelter. Yes, that's right, they thought he was a girl. They were wrong, but it was too late to change his name to something more manly. Poor thing, no wonder why he loves my purse.

I believe in this shot he is either trying to cover his face because the room is too bright or else he is embarassed to be caught napping on a purse.

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Keli said...

BWWWWAAAAhahahahaha! Cracking up over here! Poor poor Sadie the mixed up gender cat!