Saturday, November 08, 2008

Stolen pictures

I totally swipped these pictures from my sister.
First up is Caden, my nephew

He found his pumpkin!

Next is Chloe

I think this picture is awesome! She took it in front of the mirror in her room. Yes, that is a real picket fence on the wall.

And finally, Veteran's Day is going to be extra special this year. I get to go to some ceremony thing for some guy thats been gone for 8 months somewhere. I cannot share more than that because I do not know more than that, but I will post more on Tuesday's events, well, on tuesday I guess :)


Keli said...

Well, aren't those kids just cute as can be! I wonder whose family they belong to?! hee hee

Can't wait to here more!!!

Emily J. "Hammy" Lawrence said...

They're so cute, ^-^