Friday, January 02, 2009

Shopping Trip

Today I went shopping. I didn't have time or money before Christmas to get much for the kiddos so I told Chloe that this week we would go shopping. My Dad picked her up this morning and brought her up to Anderson because he was bringing me a chair that I finally had room for anyway. They brought me the chair then we all went to lunch at the Olive Garden. I had their new Chicken and Gnoochi soup. The soup itself was good but the Gnoochi were very bland. Anyway, I digress. Our first stop was gamestop to see if they had anything good for the Wii or DS. We saw a couple things that were maybes so we decided to move on knowing we could come back if we wanted. Next was target. They didn't have so much in the game department either so we hit up toys. After some deliberation, we moved on again but on the way out we saw some crafty stuff. Chloe is all about doing crafts. We looked in that aisle for a bit and she picked out a kit with some Barbie sized dresses in it that you can decorate with glitter and what not. She'll be in heaven with that one. She also picked out a color wonder book (Cars, duh) for her little brother.

Next stop was Wally World. She had a gift card to spend as well as some cash of her own. We headed straight back for toys this time. She did good for a 7 year old. She would ask me how much things were and how much she would have left if she got this or that. She was very thoughtful about it and already knew the prices of things she wanted. She even put something back because she knew she could get it cheaper at home. I was proud of her. She ended up spending about half of her own money and was pretty happy with what she got.

My Dad drove her up here and was playing some old bluegrass/country tapes and she was complaining about it. At one point he put in a tape that was all instrumental bluegrass and he glanced back and caught her tapping her hand on her knee. She totally denied it for about two minutes before she admitted that she liked it. biggrin.gif

She also asked if we could call home to find out when they were having dinner because she didn't want to miss it. She cracks me up. The girl has priorities.

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*Keli* said...

Chloe is my kinda girl - shopper and bargain shopper at that! What a fun day Aunt Laina!!! xo