Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Woo to the Hoo

So here is my first Woo to the Hoo shout out. I live in the middle of a huge pile of white stuff right now. We have a foot of snow on the ground and I have not left my house since late Monday night. I was off work yesterday and today we were closed because of all the snow still coming down this morning.

I don't have a picture of the current snowfall, but to show you our back yard and super long driveway I present the following...
The view from the driveway to the back deck

And the view from the deck out to the drive way

Just picture this with 10 times as much snow. Right now, you cannot see the steps at all, there is a vague shape of stairs where they should be. The snow comes up to my back bumper and you cannot see the bottom half of the tires. The entire driveway behind the house and the access alley out to the street are all this deep. no way my little car is getting out of its spot without help. Or for that matter, no way am I getting out of the house and off the deck.

Enter Phil and Louie. They are currently on their way over in Phil's truck with his snow blade to plow me out! I told Louie to call when they got close so I get some shoes on and come help. She said no! She said I didn't need to go outside and fall and break my good hip. Unfortunately she is right! (did you see that, I put it in writing for the whole world to see, LOL)

So Woo to the Hoo to Phil and Louie.

And for those of you who do not know, yes Louie is my housemate but when the weather is bad like this she stays out at Phil and Pat's house since it is just a few minutes drive to where she works. Or when she wants to sleep in a little extra. BTW Phil and Pat are a couple at church that we hang out with a lot. They are like a second set of parents to us and if I don't say enough, You guys rock!

To find out more about the Woo to the Hoo award, check out this explanation by Feather, my new twitter friend and kudos to my cousin Marchelle at Chronicles of a Working Mom
for creating the button!


Marchelle said...

That's a BIG Woo to the Hoo!!!

John shoveled our drive by hand this morning, then the snow plow came thru today and piled 3' of snow at the end of it! Thankfully, Jay's brother came out and plowed that out for us! So WOO to the HOO for nice friends with snow blades!!

*Keli* said...

That is a big WTTH!!! Good friends are the best! Glad you got out from under!!! xo