Saturday, October 16, 2010


I guess I should start posting on a more regular basis.  I just looked at my stats and had no idea that I could see how many times my blog has been viewed by someone.  Guess I should give you something to look at right? 

I have rearranged some things and made it easier for me to access this blog in order to post, both from a computer and from my iPhone, so hopefully I will be much better at adding content here.  My eyes have improved to the point that even after staring at a computer at work all day, it doesn't bother them to stare at one when I get home :)

Last night I went to my small group Bible study at Amy and Isaac's house. We have been going through Francis Chan's book Crazy Love.  Good stuff.  Good discussions.  I'm being challenged.  

The rest of my weekend will be busy too.  Going out with Amy and Kim to dinner tonight then heading to my Aunt Peg's after church on Sunday for a family gathering/photo session.  My cousin Marchelle is gonna take some photos.  I'm excited.  Have you seen her work.  Its good.  Really good.  And I'm not saying that just cause she's my cousin.  Here, take a look for yourself.  Marchelle Mosley Photography

See.  Told you she was good.  

Allright,  lunch hour is almost over.  I'll be back soon, promise :)

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