Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Oh Happiness

WooHoo! One of my favorite shows, NBC's Chuck, just got picked up for an additional 11 episodes which means a full 24 episode season! This makes me happy. Yes, it can be a little implausible and over the top, but what show isn't? Even reality shows aren't "real" anymore. Last season I so excited that more people from Chuck's life found out about his secret spy gig, especially his bestie Morgan Grimes, slacker with a heart of gold. Morgan's reaction was classic and just what it should be when one finds out their best friend is a genuine CIA agent. Even better, Morgan himself is now part of the team, a spot he earned for sure in last night's episode. Awesome and Ellie, Sarah, Casey and even Jeffster and Big Mike make this a fun, silly, and geektastic hour of entertainment and I'm glad we get to have it around a little while longer.
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